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SmartNav: Winning Project

Project Overview

A hackathon project as part of Dublin's Smart City initiative to create socially smart navigation in two forms; fixed stations as well as a mobile app. Our goal was to get users from point A to point B both safely and efficiently.

My Contributions
  • Ideator of the SmartNav system

  • Created personas of Dublin tourists and residents 

  • Lead the team in all UI and UX decisions

  • Presented the final design to the judges 

Our Process

Over a 48 hour hackathon, my team and I presented an application made for Dublin visitors or residents to get to their destination in the fastest and safest way possible. This application was specifically made with visitors in mind. Those who do not know the city, don't know which areas are not safe for tourists. Since this is an active problem in the Dublin area, we would be contributing to an overall safer city. SmartNav utilizes Google Maps API and real time police updates to make sure users are kept out of unsafe areas.

Long Term Solution

Over time, SmartNav will be able to gather data on pathways, trains and bus routes that experience heavy traffic. This data could help solve an ongoing transit issue in Dublin by creating a more efficient system that accurately fits the needs of the city.

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