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Project Overview

An A/B Test to gain understanding of how users feel about the placement and requirement of data entry through a pop-up window.

My Contributions
  • Test Script Creation

  • Ran Unmoderated-Remote tests through

  • Gathered insights and quantitative analytics

  • Formed requirements based on findings

My Process

My objective for this test was to gain an understanding of how users feel about a pop-up window, either required or optional, that requests personal contact information. I was specifically interested in the following:

  • Whether the pop-up effectively communicates why users need to give their phone number and what value they will get from giving it

  • Whether drop-off is caused by a required vs optional phone number

  • Whether the location within the user flow is a factor in the percentage of users providing their phone number

  • Whether consent is understood through the legal language


  • Participants: 24 (6 for each test option)

  • Test Options: 4

  • Methodology: Remote/Unmoderated Testing through

Our study included specified participants under a predetermined demographic of our users. These users were obtained through, and had to complete additional screener questions. These tests included 3 empathy questions and 5 tasks. The test options were to determine the placement of the interstitial as well as the required vs optional data entry.


  • Many participants reacted positively when given the option to provide their phone number, regarding the pop-up as a benefit instead of an intrusion to the profile set-up

  • Participants responded negatively when required to provide their number to continue, with many stating they were reluctant to complete the profile set-up

  • A significant number of participants had a positive reaction to receiving financial help and mentioned that they are open to speaking with someone over the phone

  • Most users who were reluctant to provide their phone number believed they would receive further marketing calls


Based on the test results our observation was that Test Option 1 received the most phone number input while maintaining a positive experience with the participant. Placing it in this location would have the biggest impact to drive engagement.

Next Steps

  • Place the pop-up at Test Option 1, with the option to complete it at a later time

  • Include a way for users to opt-out of marketing calls, while still allowing them to submit their information to a advisor

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