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QR Order & Pay: Contextual Inquiry

Project Overview

A contextual inquiry aimed to discover pain points in our client's workflow with B2B products. We will establish how clients are using these products in a real-world setting and uncover problematic design structure that is inhibiting clients from efficiently reaching their goal.

My Contributions
  • Identified power users for participation

  • Outlined study goals and key research questions

  • Liaised with clients to set up the session

  • Documented the session with pictures and written notes

  • Completed in-depth analysis of results

  • Created a service blueprint to share with the product team

- My Process -

Contextual Inquiry:





  • Understand how clients are  using our B2B products in context

  • Identify any adaptations users are making within their workflow

  • Form a service blueprint to track interaction points 


  • Method: Contextual Inquiry; 2-hour walkthrough 

  • Participants: General Manager & Staff of Flipdish Client

  • Product: QR Order & Pay

  • Environment: On-premise at client location

  • Documentation: Images and written notes



From this study, I formed a detailed understanding of how our products are working for clients. I was able to uncover minor issues that were causing the restaurant to spend more time troubleshooting the product resulting in a loss of additional revenue. By correcting for these within the design, we will be able to increase tips received and repeat orders for our clients. Additionally, I was able to form a service blueprint showing each interaction point that the consumer has with our products as well as the staff at the restaurant.


Next Steps
  • Additional contextual inquiries in differing restaurant structures (fast-food, pub, etc)

  • On-premise moderated usability test with participants recruited in Dublin

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Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 16.51.56.png
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