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Web Order: Benchmarking

Project Overview

A qualitative benchmark ran once a quarter to track web order performance over time. This will help communicate the ROI of design effort as well as assist in continuous improvement of the experience.

My Contributions
  • Created test environment

  • Outlined study goals and metrics

  • Recruited participants through

  • Created test script

  • Analysis & documentation of results

  • Determined formal recommendations / next steps

  • Communicated results to stakeholders 

- My Process - 

Web Order Benchmark:



  • Track improvements of the experience over time

  • Determine whether or not design changes are having a positive impact on the experience

  • Compare our experience against competitors

  • Demonstrate the value of design to stakeholders or clients

  • Estimate how much design contributes to business goals


Method: Unmoderated test through

Participants: 5 male, 5 female

Recruitment method:
Product: Desktop Web Order


  • Time on Task: Amount of time a user spends to complete a given task

  • Successful task completion: % of tasks that test participants complete correctly

  • Critical errors: Errors that block the user from successfully completing a task

  • Non-critical errors: Error that does not affect the ability to successfully complete a task but does impose a lag in the experience

  • Task Satisfaction: How participants felt about the task

  • Test Satisfaction: How participants felt about the overall experience

  • SUPR-Q (Standardised User Experience Percentile Rank Questionnaire) 



From this study, we were able to identify key areas for improvement and validate design decisions made in previous research studies.


Next Steps

  • Recommendations presented to PMs & Head of Product

  • Recommendations to be translated into backlog items in Jira (ranked by severity)

  • Follow-up benchmark to run in the next quarter

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