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Project Overview

A modern redesign to increase retention of potential applicants. The overall goal was to ensure applicants without a financial background understood what the Fed is, what they do and to discover non-financial related career paths inside the bank.

My Contributions
  • Built out all pages with HTML and CSS

  • Developed assets using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

  • Directed content creation 

  • Responsible for UX Writing 

  • Ran demos - collaborating with QA and Stakeholders

Our Process


First we did competitive analysis to see the standards that are being held across the Federal Reserve Bank system. Through Google Analytics, I also gained insight on our users by examining where they were coming from, what pages were getting visited the most and the average time spent on those pages.


  • An interactive experience that gives users the ability to "peak inside" their future workplace. 

    • Inside the Bank is a page we created to allow potential applicants to visualize their future workplace. It includes a 360 Panorama gallery, created by implementing JavaScript libraries to allow users to navigate the images on their own.

    • We created a 'Meet Our People' page, showcasing some of our employees to give insight into the company as well as  to potential colleagues. This give the company character and establish connections to real working people.

    • A responsive Federal Reserve Timeline to demonstrate the history of the organization.

    • I built a responsive info-graphic for the users to have an understanding of the organization, our values and responsibilities.

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