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Project Overview

Our objective was to design a homepage for improved engagement with PGIM Investment products and resources. We wanted to provide an engaging, easily navigable, intuitive experience that encourages return engagement.

My Contributions
  • Lean UX within the PGIM Investments Scrum Team

  • Iterative design working directly with Stakeholders

  • A/B Testing

  • Ensure Accessibility standards are consistently met

Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 11.56.53.jpg
My Process


  • Redesign the users experience for improved engagement of PGIM Investment products and resources. 

  • Decrease users search time for Products

  • Promote fund content and Insight articles

During this project we took time to understand two major questions:

  • Who are our users?

  • What are their objectives?

We researched what our users current behaviors and interactions looked like through user testing and studied our analytics to see where we could make improvements. We wanted to understand our users goals as we started our redesign. What makes their experiences bad vs good? What is most important to them when they reach our site?

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Created through Sketch to get approval from our Stakeholders and development teams. Once we established the structure of our design, we started implementing UI from our Design System. 

A/B Test

After high-fidelity prototypes were created using Sketch and Invision, I ran an A/B test using This test was to discover how we were to proceed with our design of the predictive search. We had two designs established and used this testing opportunity to validate which option was most intuitive to our users. 


  • Predictive search allowed users to find Products more efficiently

  • User retention increased by a significant percentage 

  • Site traffic increased after launch

  • Optimized experience for mobile devices 

  • 'Insight' articles saw an increase in views

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